PEKAKA, the acronym for Persatuan Bantuan Pendidikan Kanak-Kanak Khas, Sungai Petani, is a Parents' Support Group for Children with Special Needs in and around our small town of Sungai Petani.

PEKAKA is registered under the Registration of Societies Act (1966) of Malaysia. The society was formed in November 1998 by several parents of children with special needs to provide assistance to our children in acquiring quality education.



advocate quality education for all children with special needs in an inclusive environment in normal school
prepare children with special needs to attend normal schools by providing the necessary skills through an early intervention programme
cultivate public awareness on the right of every child to receive education in normal school
ensure that children with special needs can attend their neighbourhood schools

We have existed for just over three years. Unfortunately our goal has not been achieved. It has been an arduous and tedious three years. The educational gap still exists today between our children and the other normal children. There were times when the "bridge" that we built over this gap collapse - sometimes due to the weaknesses of it and at other times pulled down by others. But those events have not diminished our resolve by one iota in our belief that our children can and should receive the education that they deserve.

The only way we can help our children is by having a united voice. WE have to help our children. WE have to ensure that they can go to school. WE have to make sure that they receive quality education in schools. WE have to do all these things and not depend upon others to do it for us. WE need to help our children NOW!! It is for these simple reasons that PEKAKA was formed.

The 2003 Committee Members will carry on with this mission. We are currently having 30 children age from 2yrs old to 28 yrs old with different disabilities. We now operate a Children's Centre for members and are planning to set up a Day Care & Baby Sitting Centre, Youth Vocational Training Centre and Boarding Facilities for those staying far from school.

All our activities will benefit our children and make sure that they integrate and be part of  the community as responsible adults - like everyone else. Let's start young. Start integrating them in schools. INCLUSION is the key.

~ Pekaka working towards quality education for all ~
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