So far, we have carried out the following activities:

Special Education Convention and Seminars
Educational Lectures to Schools by our resident Advisor Tuan Syed Abu Bakar
Pre-School & Educational Counseling
Health Counseling with the Strand Hospital
Assistance in placement in schools for members' children

Right now we have a Child Centre in Taman Cempaka. This centre is now the focal point of all our activities. Meetings are held there regularly.

For this year, we plan these activities.
Food Fair for fund raising. The fair was held on the 1st March recently and it was a great success.
Continue with pre-school and counseling to members' children
Plan for vocational training for young adults
Plan for boarding facilities in 2004 for members' children who study in the only secondary school within our district that accept children with special needs
Plan a seminar on compulsory education and what it means to our children. We hope to invite speakers from Law Section of the Prime Ministers Department
Plan a seminar on Sexual Development of Young Adults with Learning Disabilities. Basically we need to know what to do when our children reach puberty. What should we do when our children have sexual desires? Pretend that they will not have these desires or face it head on??!! Sometimes we concentrate too much on education and forget about other equally important aspects of our children's' lives. We are still looking for experts in this field to give us that talk.....
Follow up on our request for a Special Education Programme to start in Chinese and Indian Schools. The Education Ministry agreed to our requests last year but unfortunately the State Education Department turned down our requests. (This is a great story on its own!! Imagine this - the Ministry says OK but the State Education Dept says otherwise..... Read more about it in the "Looking Glass" Section)

This year also marks the start of the PEKAKA Educational Foundation. We target to raise RM 100,000 by the year 2007. Funds from the foundation will be utilized in pursuit of educational excellence of our children.

We are open to any suggestions to coordinate other activities. We all have a say in the running of PEKAKA. Let's pool our resources and help realize some of our children's dreams and potential.
~ Pekaka working towards quality education for all ~
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