At present, we are standing a small group of handcraft learning skill. Our schedule of the workshop is: every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 2.00 to 5.00 p.m. The children age is from age 14 and above. The response to this workshop is not so aggressive but we still carry out. Learning of living skill & hand crafting will be carrying out consistently in future. This is our vision & mission for the year to come. We also hope to have volunteers to help in the workshop at anytime.

Some of the future plans we have in mind involve Young Adults with Special Needs. These plans came about when some members raised the question - after school, then what?

We already have problems sending our children to school. Can you imagine the heartaches we'll all be facing when they finish school? I believe we need to plan and do something now - shouldn't wait for those other bureaucrats to jump start their brains with triple A batteries.....

Some ideas that came about are as follows. We need feedback and ideas from members on how to implement these plans. We also need members to volunteer by being in the planning committee. Members who would like to help out can contact the Secretary at the Child Centre.
Our plans are:
to set up a vocational skill training centre for Young Adults
to set up a one-stop information and counseling centre to assist parents of children with special needs
to set up a novelty store similar to the Red Cross Shop to be run by Young Adults with Special Needs

We appreciate more ideas from members on what we should be doing in the future. Call us anytime, any day. After all, we are doing all these for our children.

Not all plans will materialize. But surely, if we have a hundred plans and ideas, at least one will materialize. And one is definitely better than nothing, kan?

Like the saying goes... the journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step. We can either tip-toe, walk or run that thousand mile. At the same time we shall need to wear the proper attire and most definitely carry along lots of good shoes! More important, we shall need to know where we're heading. No point walking that thousand mile and end up in some God forsaken place....

So.... email us if you have any new idea.

~ Pekaka working towards quality education for all ~
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